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The Altus Foundation, created in 2011, was created by the leadership of ZT Wealth and the Altus Corporation to address the disparity in accessing quality healthcare services based on a family or individuals economic deficiencies. The foundation operates under the fundamental philosophy that everyone should have an opportunity to receive premium healthcare service to remedy their healthcare needs. From the Altus Foundation’s viewpoint, this includes not only a service exchange that provides competent services, but also a compassionate relationship with people that underscores our investment in people. The Altus Foundation utilizes a network of compassionate physicians, technical resources and funding to ascend to one primary objective: To save and repair lives. We hope that as you continue to learn about the Altus Foundation you will find an organization that provides an essential services to families in need that warrants your support.

Our Vision

The Altus Foundation has a vision of eliminating disparity in healthcare access and strengthening the knowledge base of the community in healthcare and entrepreneurial development through the following strategies:

Our Objective

Providing transformative healthcare services to families in need that addresses debilitating healthcare concerns. Educating the community about preventive healthcare. Working with youth and the community to provide education on preventive healthcare. Working with youth to provide exposure to career pathing in healthcare and business. Providing philanthropic outreach services to the community (i.e. health fairs, holiday drives, etc.) Encouraging philanthropic efforts from healthcare and business professionals.

Jeffery D. Wallace President of the Altus Foundation, has more than 10 years of experience in executive leadership roles in the non-profit sector. . He has successfully led organizations through growth modes, restructuring, and strategic shifts. Jeff has also managed multi-million dollar budgets in diverse areas of human services including healthcare navigation, community action, talent acquisition, asset acquisition, workforce development, and education.
Jeff has worked with nationally affiliated organizations such as The Houston Area Urban League, INROADS/Houston, and Shell Oil. Through his work with these organizations, he expanded his understanding of various areas of non-profit structure include capacity building, social investment, partnership development, program development, grant development, organizational management, and regulatory controls.
A few of his accomplishments include The Distinguished Achievement Award from Houston Community College and The Hall of Fame award from INROADS for exemplary service.
Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration and a Masters of Art degree from Grambling State University.
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Did You Know:

The Altus Foundation served over 200 people in 2015 with transformative healthcare services and is on pace to double that number in 2016. In 2015, the Altus Foundation coordinated the free or discounted care of from over 40 physicians in 2015. The Altus Foundation accounted for more than $2,000,000 in healthcare services to low income families and individuals and is on pace to double that number in 2016. The Altus Foundation has provided services to patients in the areas of infusion, dental, optometry, emergency care, surgery, hospice, and home healthcare.

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