The Altus Foundation

The Altus Foundation represents one of the greatest opportunities in the healthcare arena to contribute to services that provide a transformative impact to patients in need.

The Altus Foundation receives referrals within the Altus Healthcare Network to assist patients with services who have severe financial needs. The Altus Foundation provides various benefits to the community which includes:

  • Free services from physicians
  • Community outreach focusing on youth development
  • Financial assistance
  • Free technical support from Altus facilities

The Altus foundation has been strategically designed to reflect compassion, efficiency, fiduciary accountability, and innovation in serving our patients. To find out more about the Altus Foundation, contact us at or ask an Altus healthcare professional for more information about the "heart" of the Altus Health Network: The Altus Foundation.

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We're Changing Lives Every Day

With your help, we'll have the resources we need to help Altus healthcare patients get the treatment they need when they need it—right now.

Charlene's Story

charlene's story

The Gonzalez Family Story

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