The Altus Foundation understands the importance of making sure everyone has access to quality healthcare services. For this reason, the Altus Foundation provides a series of impactful programs that provide a premium health care service exchange to the community.When creating our portfolio of services, we took into consideration the primary service outlets that are most effective in connecting people to transformative health care services. The Altus Foundation currently provides the following services:

Financial Assistance

The Altus Foundation provides financial assistance to patients for ancillary expenses associated with their medical condition.  Additionally, the foundation will facilitate grants to worthwhile initiatives and efforts benefitting the community (all grants are evaluated based on merit and resources). 

Care Coordination

The Altus Foundation links patients with the full gambit of healthcare resources to remedy their medical situation.  The Altus Foundation can connect a patient with a physician as well as technical support (MRIs, Pet-SCANs, facilities, radiation treatment, etc.) to address a patient’s healthcare needs.  A critical component of the care coordination model is the Doctor’s Giving Time Program (DGTP), which is the brainchild of Altus Foundation founding board member Dr. Tehmina Badar.  The program features physicians who are providing their services to low income families and individuals for free or at a discounted rate.  


The Altus Foundation facilitates a number of outreach programs and projects including a speaker’s bureau for high school students, an internship program, health fairs, entrepreneurship seminars, and holiday drives targeting low income families and individuals.

Aftercare Protocol

The Altus Foundation works with patients to support them in identifying solutions to their healthcare needs through post care intervention from a certified professional. The counselor will work with the patient’s family to create a plan of action and connect them to resources to provide the family with ongoing healthcare resources.

Entrepreneurial Programs

The Altus Foundation provides resources geared at developing the entrepreneurial aspirations of youth as well as families and individuals in low income circumstances. This objective is achieved through entrepreneurship workshops and linkage to financial resources.